Our Philosophy

Our basic educational philosophy is to help children acquire the self-confidence and self motivation needed to fulfill their own best potential.  This is accomplished by building on interests, nurturing enthusiasm and discovery and making activities available that fit individual needs.  Emphasis is placed on inner motivation, using the child's natural curiosity to discover and learn.

The curriculum is developmentally age-appropriate and supported by providing well-structured learning environments.  Children learn pre-math and pre-reading concepts in the context of everyday experiences and through meaningful activities.  A strong emphasis is placed on building social skills:  sharing and peer interaction, respect for self and others, problem solving and negotiation  and making positives choices.  


Our Staff

Special care is taken in hiring a professional teaching team. Each staff member must meet academic qualifications for his/her position (Lead Teachers hold an Early Childhood Education Degree) along with a genuine love for and interest in children.  Teachers stay current with the early  childhood field through continuing education, workshops and seminars.

Step Up to Quality




Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Parents' Guide to Quality Preschool